Washers 400-750

Ok ive taken 4 naps looking over pressure washers and here I am… was looking at about the 300-400 dollar mark but I believe I might use this several time a month… thought id get a generac then looked at the rigid (750.00) but heard engine was for only one year , read so many bad reviews on simpsons and that dewalt was the same unit…SOOOOO I am looking for advice… I already believe I will get the rigid surface washer with wheels for 150.00 but as far as the washer itself … nap time… I like the rigid model that had a CAT pump but again heard the subaru engine was only one year and no parts if something went wrong…so if you were going to spend up to 700 bucks (or so) on the washer what would you buy make model… thanks so much - i did try the search button and didnt find anything with the search I used…

Get a couple of jobs lined up and then rent one. Cheaper and less headache.

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Get a 4000 PSI 4 GPM AR pump. Buy the 8 HP engine from Harbor Freight with coupon. Build a simple base for it with rubber vibration dampening mounts ($10 for 6 from Amazon). Get 100-200 feet of Simpson hose. All together, this should be $750. You can add wheels to the custom frame if youw antt o, it depends on the rest of your setup. Mine is stationary and lives in my truck bed. You’ll want an X-Jet as well, so add another $130.

Already have a few lined up and I do this and a host of other house type jobs and wanted to add to what I could do… i work out of a house in a gated comm and here in florida weve had rain for a week and still has more coming so I know there be a use for it to make the money back fairly fast just am flabergasted over looking about 20 hrs in last 3 days…


Maybe Im missing something. What is your end game? Is this a business your starting? What are you cleaning?


Run away from AR pumps if you intend on doing this full time. I use to have pile of AR pumps that went bad before I found this forum. I threw them out, but 3 AR pumps in a row…

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Any recommendations other than Udor? I have a Cat on my homeowner unit. I understand Udor is the best choice. I am just wondering what number 2 or 3 might be? Thanks!

Oh, that’s surprising. I thought AR was one of the top 3 best. Which ones are better? General, then Cat?

Buy a 13 hp predator motor from Harbor Freight. General ez4040 pump, good unloader from Pressure sTex, Envirospec, etc. You’ll need a cart which is ($100). This will put you around 800 bucks. But you’ll have a good machine. We have this setup on two of our machines and have been running both for 2+ years.


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Udor, Landa, legacy. The pumps most people have never heard of.

Plenty of people are making money with General Pumps, but still a tier two pump.

Cat, comet, AR. They’ve done a great job marketing because they’re all trash pumps.


I would build a stationary unit instead of buying the cart. You can attach wheels if you want, but you can use the leftover to buy at least 100’ of hose.

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From parking on the road i always have to wrap around both sides of a house In order to get everything. I have 150’ unless you are parking in their driveway you shouldn’t get anything less than 150’ to start with. Atleast 50’ of garden hose.

I do a wide range of jobs and was wanting to add pressure washing again to that output… I imagine 4 to 6 jobs a month (8 to 14 hrs maybe tops… I have looked at the rigid 3300psi-3gpm (only model I believe (subaru engine 211cc) and a dewalt 3800 psi honda gx270 4gpm, I believe comet pump on rigid and cat on the dewalt… one is 750 while dewalt is 800… mostly pavers will be cleaned… it has rained for over a week here in florida and maybe during next 10 days also… so lots of pavers will need it… drives go from 15x20 to 20x50 and patios in all sizes

Read some say stay away from box stores and only consider depo since its 5 blocks away and 90 day return I believe… I know dewalt is simpson and those Ive seen so many bad reviews… Im willing (able) to spend up to 800… I bought the rigid 18inch surface cleaner already for 150.00… thank you for all replys… this site will really pay off in knowledge therein…

Ps not sure hours since this is a step up from last 300 buck washer my son snagged 4 years back… could be over 20 I suppose.per month, if pump would go Id be able to replace myself.

Wow after reading these now im not so sure… the harbor frieght sounds easy enough and I have seen the landas on h2o but couldnt find prices, I imagine it to be well over a grand…, i imagine depending how this pays out that I will upgrade to a handled surface cleaner in future as Im not crazy using the rigid one (has wheels) with a wand…so if anyone does have a recomend for a pw under 900.00 Im all ears… if I got the dewalt 3800 gx270 when pump goes could I not replace with something better or is that a waste from the start7 going with that idea?

Waste from the start. You are not going to get much out of a bigger pump with an 11hp motor.

Gx 340 is a 11hp motor. Gx 270 is 9 hp

Lol. Even worse

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If he’s going Harbor Freight, he should go with the 13 hp plus 4.0 or 5.5 pump.

Agreed. Could always buy a used one. I just picked up a Mi t m 5.5gpm with a gx390 for $450