Washed this house this morning


Looks good! I’m really hoping that you taped off that meter and the electrical boxes. Please tell us you did.

Purdy. I would have hit the concrete at the base too but that’s just how I roll.

Electrical, cable and phone boxes taped and hand wiped clean.


And then there were these steps.


That is some of the blackest concrete I’ve ever seen. Unless its asphalt or something else. Upsell that shizz!

Buddy’s house. Really old concrete. And its wet. He didn’t want me to touch it. Afraid it would disintegrate.:astonished:

Nah, old concrete is really tough, at least it is here. That would have cleaned up nicely.

What did you use on the steps?

Why would you think he didn’t?

Just wondering.

Pump up sprayer and about 2% SH with a little Elemonator. Then I let it dwell about 10 minutes and hit it hard with the green tip. :grin:

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He probably thought I didn’t because I’m an absolute newbie.

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On this forum, especially recently, you just never know. It seems like we have had an influx of newbies and sometimes we all need a friendly reminder. He did though so all is well in the world!

Well, @Madmax I wasn’t going to throw you under the bus but I just saw that you did that to yourself so, yes, that is exactly why LOL