Wash water runoff laws

Hey guys, I’m new to pressure washing so please help. I’m in Texas just south of Houston. How do Texas washers deal with waste water? What are the laws? Do I need to use booms to soak up oil. If I do can I still let the water go down the storm drain or should I dam it and try to prevent any water runoff? Very confused. Thanks for any input.


There are certain rules about what can and can not go down drains. These rules seem to vary by not only state but county, and sometimes even individual towns. I would contact the water authority and ask them for the number of the people who are in charge of the storm drains. Then they should be able to direct you to a list of rules online. Pay specific attention to the pH rules. The pH of SH 12.5% is around 12.5…that is over the pH range of every municipality that I have ever dealt with.


Check your local government for their specific ordinances. It varies by city, county, state, etc…

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