Wash bucket pump

Been trying to build a wash bucket (for post treating) and I can’t find a decent small pump.
1 was doa, 2nd lasted 5 min.

Is there a decent one anyone has used for this? Looking for around 1gpm 75-100psi.
I downstream and can use xjet for post treat but I hate it, the overspray.
No 12v soft wash.
Stuck with pump up right now.

This is my 2.2gpm pump setup, has lasted 4+ years. Just be sure to rinse thoroughly with plain water afterward.

I don’t run SH through mine, so your longevity will differ, but knowing they can be fickle and fail easily I just buy the cheapest ones I can get and keep a couple spares on the truck. I have been using this one for sealing, about $30 on amazon.

Watch this

I just ordered another pump that someone here got but this would be my next choice. Thanks.