Wash Brooms anybody use them?

Any use the metal strip with nozzles in it to do concrete work? If so how do they work… I wouldn’t mind having one as a backup?

The good: I love it for rinsing after I run the surface machine. Quick and easy.

The bad: since it is a quick connect, it always gets dirt in the nozzles and half ass works.

If you get one leave it permanently attached to a wand and gun so it doesn’t clog. Also might be a good idea to use a inline filter at the wand, they clog super easy.

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Will they actually clean the concrete by themselves?

Not really. They will move the surface dirt super fast, but don’t do a deep clean.

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Hate them.

i had one that i used to rinse, and it clogged all the time. then i found the magic of the ball valve. haven’t looked at the broom in years.

Ball valve is so much better…but hey…whatever floats your boat.

Why ball valve? Why not just a 40 degree tip?

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You can adjust psi with a ball valve, gives you the ability to rinse with impact.

I prefer a variable pressure wand.

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Good deal, whatever works for ya.

I owned a Wash Broom for about 45 mins and took it back. This was very early in my start up days. Some people like them but I can’t really see a use for them. After you run your SC rinse with a Ball Valve. Its very controllable and saves a bunch of time.

Does the ball valve have a wide spray pattern?

Not really.

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