Warranty or Gaurantee of services

I did a few searches and maybe i just missed the conversations on this? I have a customer asking for a roof warranty/gaurantee. I have no concerns about offering such a thing but i am hoping someone could offer up a template of some sort? I just dont have a clue where to start on this aspect of the business. Even a house wash gaurantee i could reword if I had a starting point.

Anyone with a little input or direction on this? Much appreciated!

We ofer both, but never really had to send it to someone. I feel like I wrote one once though. We just put it in the bullet points on the proposal and tell them to call us if they see any mildew returning within whatever timeframe.

Yeah he wants it included with quote. If i can get something put together i can just attach it with my insurance info also.

just put it as part of what is included with the line item on the quote