Warehouse wall & floor cleaning pricing

Good morning

I have a warehouse owner that wants a square footage price on pressure cleaning the walls and floors. I have never given a square footage price - only a 'by sight" price. Can someone help me with this. They will be renting a lift. The walls are 30 feet tall. They also want a price on cleaning the floor. I have used the floor scrubbers in the past but don’t really have a square footage price.

30 x length per wall gets your footage per wall. Same for floor length X width for floor. We normally do $.15 to $.20 per square foot. You might also want to treat it as how many hours it will take. 20 hours x your hourly rate, “IE” $100 = $2000 plus throw on a 10 to 20% for incidentals. $200 to $400 in this example.

Will also matter how dirty the project is. Any pics? And remember you will have to tape off light fixtures and electrical circuits.

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