Wanting to Break into the pressure/power washing business but zero experience

Hey guys, how are you all doing? I would like to add power/ pressure washing to my business, however I have zero experience in this field. Other than reading on this website what’s the best way to learn and gain experience so I can start offering this in my business? I know there are some companies that offer classes ( I have looked into thoes and plan to attend soon) and I know I can practice on my house but still, I feel that is level of experience/ exposure is still to low to start offering this as a service especially considering how much possible damage you can do.

I am going to say this considering I am in a very similar position. This forum offers a decent amount of information, however a large portion of the people on it act very stuck up. They also act like their knowledge is something sacred from the power washing gods. Honestly your best bet is to find a shop that specializes in power washing and driving to them with a list of questions and possibly pay them a little bit of money for your time. You are going to waste countless hours on here with half assed replies from most of the people. Some will even talk down to you.

Find the largest pressure washing company at least 100 miles from you and offer them a couple thousand bucks to teach you for a week. You will learn a lot and also determine if it is something your want to do.


I wont tell a customer this, but I learned from youtube essentially. I also spent a year and a half researching and learning but other than that i just went out and did it. My first house was and too this day the largest one i have cleaned. As much as i recommend going to a class, a lot of us just did the darn thing. Not everyone can afford thousands of dollars to get hands on experience.

Learn to softwash


When I first started thinking about doing this, I got in touch with a guy I know who does washing. I told him what I wanted to do, offered to help him at no charge. Worked out good for me. He pays me well and I’ve stayed on helping him since then - still do even now since my business is new and I don’t have jobs pouring in. That and reading a ton on here is what got me started.

yes power washing is much more about knowledge then it is about skill. the knowledge can be learned fairly quickly with the right teacher and or mentor. Experience is just that it takes time. If you can find someone you can talk to when ever questions comes up you will be way ahead of the learning curve. Best of luck this is a great business to be in for the time being anyway.

Another thing is think think think, every time you wash something ask your self how you can become more efficient, I do not mean what I am about out to say to be nasty, but I wonder why guys who have been washing for years still have not upgraded to a 8 or 10 gpm since that will make you more money, always be thinking about how to refine your process, with that type of attitude and the boards you can pretty much self teach yourself in a year or two and be killing it, not many opportunities like that around today environment that I am aware of. this stuff is pretty simple if you APPLY yourself.

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I realize you’re trying to do a pressure washing startup with little to no expense. We have a business opportunity that does have a $20k cost to purchase but it isn’t a franchise so any money you make after that is yours. We are looking for pressure washing experts as they know how to clean and prep surfaces. There is money to be made in applying PURETi and Vital Oxide in both commercial and residential facilities.

For example, a PURETi application was done in a corporate HQ main floor. The customer was charged $7500 and the job took two 8 hour days of work for 2 people. You can easily double the revenue from a pressure washing customer by adding coatings and more than double your profit.

This is probably some of the best advice I’ve ever heard. Applicable to any business.

You can get a hold of pressure washing by reading stuff on here… There are really good people on here who will help you, .bystander is really good. Now he pizzzes people off he as off the wall comments but he knows the business.
Mr. Fixit, Tim will give advice. You just got to get out there put some signs out and hit it… Learn as you go ups and down you will learn. Just read on here SEARCH a topic… This is a great place long as they can keep the lights on…

Hi , i am new too this business , can you point me into a direction of learning the things I need too know.

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This is the place. Type ‘house washing’ in the search bar and start reading. Google ‘pressure washing forum’, and you will find several other forums full of information and advice. Start reading through them, and if you dont understand something, search for it. In short time it will all start to make sense.

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