Wand with light or holder for light

Hello I was wondering if there is anyone that has a wand with a light built on it or in it I do tank washouts and have a led flashlight taped to it but would like to find a legit gun/wand with light by tip of wand thank

Hey Pass39 what kind of tanks are you washing out?

Not sure if this applies to your situation but I’ve used a headlamp while power washing at night, it works better than taping a flashlight to the wand because the wand light lens gets all wet and drippy.

Don’t use a torch to light up the patch you are cleaning. Use a battery powered led flood light to illuminate the whole building if you don’t have lights on your trailer.



They did film a ton of the new star wars movies out your way @BuzzLightyear …maybe you could wash the millennium falcon. I mean it’s not dolphins, but it’s still pretty cool.