Walkways and stairs cleaning

Hi, guys, I am new to the pressure washing business I know the basics for the house washing since I already had a couple of jobs. Next week I have a scheduled job for a walkway and stairs on the front and the back. I have two questions:
1 How do you guys charge and measure the surface? I figured out to charge 0.30 cents a foot. But I am not sure how to measure it correct and have the right estimate.
2 How are you going to clean it? Do you apply some chemicals or you just spray with the pressure using only water and the red tip?

Might be a good idea to call and cancel the job


I hope this is a Joke thread,

That is words of wisdom by bystander.

You are going to use a 0° are you in highschool if so I can understand why don’t you mow yards instead

I was just asking for the proper way to measure and give an estimate. I will not use the 0 degree tip for the cleaning. I wanted to ask for the proper technique and how do you guys clean it.

There’s a search tab on this forum, with months of reading… I would utilize that ASAP

Let’s help. He seems sincere. If you can, go by the day before and pour milk on the oil stains. Lactic acid breaks down the oil. Throttle up and turn water spigot on half way. Creates more pressure. Be careful around plants and outside outlets. Pretreat with muriatic acid and be sure to rinse well. If you have a small funnel fill the pressure hose with baking soda diluted with vinegar and hook up quickly to rinse and neutralize the acid


The house itself it’s a new one and doesn’t have any oil stains on the walkways or the stairs. I think they just want to clean the dirt from the walkways and the stairs.

Skip the milk then

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thank you for the help Innocentbystnder

He was being sarcastic Kanex.

Sorry man, you said the wrong word in your opening post (rhymes with bed), so you blew your chance for help here. shrugs

Your best bet at this point is to make another user name, come back in a few days, and rephrase the question. Throw in something about fishing to throw them off the track.


Fishing? Who wants to go fishing?

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Nice one innocent.

This was about six years ago when I actually had time to fish…Those days are rare now.

No time to fish…

I just spit milk all over an oil stain in my garage while reading this. If irony was strawberrys I would be knee deep in smoothies. I also accidently hit the flag button while trying to like a post with sausage fingers. My bad.

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Thank you for the help I aprreciate it :wink:

Bleach em, clean with turbo nozzle and collect your check. Almost done

How much would you charge for job like this?

As much as i need to for 15 minutes of time.

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