Vinyl siding

I dont see any vinyl siding down here so my question is will SH damage or bleach the siding in any way. I need to do the soffits and gutters on a 2 story house and need to get some SH up there.



No, it works wonders!! Just make sure you rinse well.

After you do a vinyl house with SH you will wish everyone who calls you for a job had vinyl!

How strong can it be , these gutters are really dirty. I was going to use around 40% SH with some roof snot



Vinyl is the easiest to clean.
I use 10 or 12.5%, machine dilutes it 10:1, never had any negative issues.
If it’s really dirty, let chemical dwell for a few minutes, then hit with another coat.
As previously stated, rinse well.

its not the siding thats dirty its the soffits and gutters which are much harder to clean. just worried about overspray

40% is WAY too strong of you’re applying directly. Mix about 50/50 up to full strength BEFORE down streaming, depending on how strong/ fresh you get your SH. If Roof Snot is your soap of choice, 3-4 oz in a five gallon mix is about right. Should be good enough to clean mold off of soffits and gutters. If it’s really bad, you may need to hit it twice, or agitate slightly with a brush. If you REALLY want to shine them up, get some F13 from Pressure Tek. Follow directions on the label. You will have to wash the whole house. You can’t just wash soffits and gutters and skip the siding. Always rinse well. You CAN damage siding by using too strong of bleach, and not rinsing, but if done correctly, it is by far the best way to clean.

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Josh I have F-13 but this is a 3 story house on a canal with little to no room on the sides to put a ladder. It has to be done with down streaming. I use a 50/50 mix when i do gutters on stucco im just not used to vinyl.


Hey Marty,

You absolutely have to apply your mix from bottom to top on almost all surfaces. However stucco would be the most forgiving if you didn’t. The threat you are facing with vinyl, especially warm or hot vinyl, is that when the mix runs down from the soffits it will “burn in” and leave runs all the way down the side of the vinyl. If the vinyl is heavily oxidated you may not be able to reverse that very well. So definitely apply from bottom to top. Don’t feel like you have to be too delicate in trying to keep it bottom to top…I sling it on there. Sell this FACT to the customer and up charge for the whole house wash. In regards to the canal side of the house and the gutters. You can make a special mix for this side of the house where the F13 is part of your mix. I have no idea how much to add, I would probably be generous because I am impatient. I used to hear of people doing it on PT state. They called it the “cherry bomb” when it was mixed with simple cherry. Since you cannot scrub, I would try the house wash first and let it do its work on the gutters first and then apply the mix with the F13. I would say that a house wash mix that is 50/50 water and 12% with soap would be fine down streamed. Your gonna love vinyl and it will love you back.:smiley:

they’re right, you’re gonna have to wash the whole house.
too much over spray will get on the house and it will show.
Just explain this to her, rather than try to please her and run the risk of her not being satisfied and taking you to court…
If she says no, personally, I’d walk away.
It’s just not worth the risk.