Vinyl siding leaking orange from weep holes?

I am just getting started so excuse my inexperience.

I have done a couple of “test” homes for friends and family to get the hang of things before I actually offer house washing to a client.

My home and all of the newer homes that had issues turned out great, no streaks or issues at all!

Some of the older homes were actually leaking a yellow/orange tint from the siding weep holes. Is this from too much water? Is it from dirt behind the siding or the siding being installed improperly?

It is normal to have dirt trapped behind the siding. Dirty water will drop out from time to time. Always wash in the direction that the siding is installed and use as little pressure as possible.

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I tried to edit but my post had to be approved first. I was downstreaming at low pressure using a 1 gal sh, 4 gal water mix. I’ll try to get pictures of it if it happens again.

Technique has a lot to do with cleaning vinyl. You want to wash as close to 90° as possible. And like Jason said, pay attention to how it was installed.

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Funny thing is up high where I wasn’t able to hit it at 90 was fine, this was happening down about 12" above my head.

Probably rust is coming out from the nails holding the siding. SH corroded the nail heads.

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What can I do to minimize it, or prevent it if it is rust from the nails?