Vinyl fence cleaning in Hagerstown Maryland

Here a few pics from a recent fence cleaning near Hagerstown, Maryland. A bit of house wash mix , a few minutes dwell, a gentle Low-Pressure rinse and the fence looks new again.

Looks good! I like cleaning vinyl fence.

I received a PM about pricing. This fence was about 160’ long. It took two of us a bit less than an hour to do. We used 200 gallons of water and 3 gallons of hypo.

I had read that $1/lineal foot is a good price but I’m not very good at following the pack so I added $100 to that amount.

So i just cleaned a vinyl fence this weekend. it had lots of scuffs and streaks on it that wouldnt come off with my house wash mix. would you scrub them with a pad or something to try to get it off or just leave it?