Vinyl fading?

Ok, I get this all the time - “You wash with bleach?? Doesn’t that fade the color in vinyl siding??”

I answer with ultraviolet rays fade siding not bleach. How do you answer that question?

If the siding is made of cotton it might.

Seriously, I’ve never been asked that question.

Me either.

“Hasn’t done it in the past 12 years I’ve been washing Vinyl Siding.”

I use to get asked that years ago. At the time, my local distributors were pushing their chems on cleaning contractors, and the contractors were using these chems as their sales pitch. Making claims of being plant safe, that bleach faded siding, and that bleach dried out the vinyl, making it brittle. Over the years most have gone out of business or have become better educated.

yea, I haven’t been in the house wash business very long, but have been asked that several times. Don’t know if there was some kind of publicity stunt for some company in the area in previous years to promote their process or chems or what. Kinda like “angus beef” or “amish made”, if said enough times people believe that it’s gotta be better, or in the other case harmful.