Vinyl Bleading

We sprayed a home that was all vinyl a few days ago. The customer called and said it had light orange streaks down the side in several areas. Were onsite and can’t get this stuff off. It looks like drip lines from the vinyl holes…any suggestions???

John Somers & Shannon Hoops
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What color is the siding?

Did you do any other services (gutters, ect…)?

Could be oxidation…

Could be red dirt that ran out from behind the siding and then dried? If so, it takes an acidic cleaner to break that stuff loose sometimes.

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The siding color was taupe. We did gutter bright using F-13.

John Somers & Shannon Hoops
Aqua Clean Pro Pressure Washing

Did you rinse the siding constantly while applying the F-13?

Did any F-13 run down the siding while applying it?

Any pictures?

Hard to determine with no pics.

Is it coming from the Vinyl weep holes? If you sprayed straight up on the house sometimes bleach/water causes the nails to rust out and they drip thru those holes.

It might be dirt dobber nests behind the vinyl, we get these a lot.

It’s this. The SH is corrosive and will almost immediately rust the nails that hold up the siding and that rusty water will drip onto the siding leaving stains. You need a rust remover like F9 or Rust Remover Plus, should take it right off. Been there before…

The nails are galvanized. It is doubtful that house wash mix can immediately remove the zinc coating from the nails and have them burst into instantaneous oxidation that produces run-off staining right away. Plus, a cloth dampened with house wax mix usually removes the discolorations that we find.

That’s true unless they’re not.

In which case it can happen depending on the strength of the mix. I had this happen. I washed a vinyl house with a very strong mix (because I had never used 12% before) then I clearly had orangish stains dripping from the weep holes. where there were none before and nothing but rust remover would take it off.

This happens quite often to us so i’m thankful for this post. I’m going to pick up some f9 asap. do you just use a pump sprayer with this and then rinse?

one thing that stinks about this is usually you don’t notice it right away. we usually get a house wash and then window cleaning as well and usually it’s not til we’re done cleaning the outside of the windows that we really notice the dripping.

I’ve had blue and pink run out of weep holes. It was the dye in the house wrap