Video: pulling soap on 100 feet of hose w/X Jet M5

@Racer I told you I’d make a video. Now I gotta go to work. Lol


That is awesome! No more toting a bucket around everywhere! I know what I am about to purchase. lol. Thanks for the demo

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Now you’ll have to get another reel for your xjet hose. Good stuff.


Ok next test we need to see is if it pulls soap with 200ft of hose hahah.

Thanks for the video this is great for everyone xjetting and carrying the bucket around with them.

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Quite a dramatic opening. That wink made me feel special😍

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The opening was for you. The rest was for everyone else.


Carrying the bucket is why I hate the X-jet. 100’ of the hose was like $30 on amazon.<— @ChadR I’m not above trying 200’ Lol

Well all the homes around me are stucco so I know what my next purchase is.


Hey seems like the xjet is putting out a lot of psi is that not damaging to stucco ?

Learning this new soft wash system.

Also nice bucket set up did you build that or purchase that bucket for chemical ?

It’s not very much psi. More volume. You can dial it down to a fan pattern.

I built the bucket. Pretty easy. There’s a couple different buckets on here for x-jets, but at the end of the day it’s just a piece of pvc or other line fixed to the bucket that you can pop your hose on.

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Hey guys have you ever thought about a back pack? We made our own and it works great!

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Nope. Mike, the xjet inventor, tried it in the late 80’s and found what we have all discovered. No matter what, it leaks. You have 5 gsllons of corrosive liquid on your nsck waiting for you to bend over and spill it down your neck. Insurance will have a fit if they find out.

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Squidskc— 2 recommendations…

Your NEW inline on/off valve should be a Banjo Micro Valve. They have FKM seals and are A+ for bleach.

Second- Couldn’t you use a 1/4" Xjet hose instead of the 3/8"?

I love my Xjet. Its how I started. I never DS one time lol… Now I use my air pump for my SH Application.
I need to come up with a idea to have 200’ of HP hose and 200’ of Xjet hose coming from the same hose reel. Simply zip tie the to 2 hoses together every 3’ or so and you have a professional looking set up.


Frank are you rinsing with the air pump as well or just applying chems?

Just applying chems.

Frank, Why? Is the mildew that bad where you live? Aren’t you in FL?

Some houses are pretty bad. Don’t think DS would touch it

We get some pretty bad ones here in Carolina. For about 90% I can get DS to work. That way I don’t have to pull another hose and it’s so much quicker. May have to let dwell a few min longer, say 8-10 min, but I just continue on around the house and come back to rinse. But I throw a lot of mix on to start with. If really bad say on 1 side, may just switch over to my 4gpm from the 8.5 because it pulls 10-1, so I’m getting at least a net 1% on the surface.

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I’ve seen two different videos on YouTube about a guy who runs both hoses through some kind of old vacuum hose and another who used some kind of fabric sleeve to run both thogether.

The guy who did the vacuum hose was two stepping fleet washing chems at the gun. Pretty neat, but he just coiled the houses onto the trailer. Took up a ton of space.

The fabric sleeve guy used a reel to store his hose, but had to quick connect them to the pump and soap whenever he wanted to use it.

As far as 1/4 and 3/8” hose it shouldn’t really matter because the barb chokes the flow, but I’m no Mario brother so that’s something you’d have to test. The only problem I think you’d run into is the x-jet is designed with a 3/8 inch barb and may not work at all with a 1/4 barb. Just a thought.