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Members here that make videos. I really enjoy them,reading, seeing photos and learning. If its not asking to much id like to subscribe to everyones youtube accounts and watch your videos. Post your accounts. @Racer @squidskc @SchertzServicesLLC @Innocentbystander @Jordie @Patriotspwashing and many more. Thanks everyone!

Just click on the video tag and it will take you to all of them.

Youtube The Window Cleanse: - YouTube

Facebook: Redirecting...



On YouTube, check out the power washing playlists to easily find those videos.


Thanks man. Love your videos and your singing haha.

So there is someone who likes it…:crazy_face:

I think mine is just orville schertz

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@SchertzServicesLLC Thats a nice Buck you got coming in. Got a few on my cam but smaller. Whats with that naked cat. I think id get creeped out if that thing rubbed on me hahaha

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Lol yea I have some nice ones growing in my land. The cat is a pretty rare breed!

Haha been watching alot of your videos great music and before and afters id hire you. I cant wait to get started went to buy a truck today 3 hpirs away really good deal and they sold it out from under me.

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Jordie, I believe I have watched all of your YouTube videos as of last week. Do you update there more often or the other social media platforms?

Hi George,

Hope they help a little.

Youtube - videos are released every Tues/Thurs/Sun.

IG - my wife handles it. Not quite on a schedule yet.

FB - I’ll usually post the link to the newly released video on multiple pages.

Twitter - account but not real active.

New pressure washing videos usually run from March-November.

Thanks brother

This was my first post on here lol



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I could tell it was your first thread because you didn’t make a single smart@… comment…lol…I was going to say that maybe the cat comment was but that was nothing compared to they way we ripped Chris when he first posted the picture of that creature.