Vibration in line and pw cutting out

Pressure washer all day using RO water at 38 ppm out of. There was nothing else available. This is probably the cleanest water I’ve ever worked with. However, I noticed that the gun had some vibration and then while using the turbo nozzle, it kept cutting out and then starting again, as if it was starving for water. Did some basic troubleshooting, buffer tank was over half full, cleaned out the filter it had some Pineneedles in it. Checked the oil in the pump and the oil in the pressure washer and the fluid in the radiator on the Kabota motor. All was good. Changed the gun as I noticed the gun started feeling a little weird like the trigger was stopping short a little bit but that did not make a difference. Tried just using the gun with no tip at all to make sure it wasn’t a clogged filter in the turbo nozzle. Any idea what could be causing the vibration in it and cutting out when on the trigger to randomly cut out?

Orings in the quick disconnects on the hoses?

Interesting I’ll Look at those !

Sounds like your unloader is acting up but my knowledge is next to nothing on that aspect of these machines. Its a thing to look into though

Sticky unloader can give you some of those symptoms but I’d probably be leaning towards a stuck check valve in the pump.

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In my very limited experience, if your engine doesn’t have enough umph to handle your unloader settings at higher gpm, the engine will stall when using high pressure nozzles.

The oil in the pump is milky and way higher so it’s definitely water in the pump. Can I keep running it until it completely dies or should I shut it down and try and save whatever might be left until I can rebuild it? Big jobs all this week they can’t really be rescheduled…

I am no hardcore veteran but just dealt with this myself. I emptied out the pump oil and got as much of the thick gross stuff I could out. I refilled and ran two jobs on it like that. I had to out of necessity. Idk if you can buy a pump quickly or not but I couldn’t.

Is this something that could be done on a backup 4gpm unit until you get it fixed? It’s that or swap fluids between jobs and hope it lasts.

Or…you could hopefully get a pump repair kit locally, take pump off and replace seals and then put the pump oil in. Shouldn’t take you long at all even if you arent mechanically inclined and there’s YouTube videos. I feel like what you have available locally might dictate your options but those are the three that I see as a newbie to the game.

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Your best bet would be to take this unit out of service and use another until you can fix this one properly. You can take a risk, flush the oil, and monitor it closely, but the cost could be complete pump failure.