Vermont Limestone

I have a home owner who has “Vermont Limestone” around his pool. The stone is supposed to be Snow White. I was originally thinking that spraying SH 50/50 then rinsing. will that turn the limestone brown?
Anyone ever deal with this kind of stone?
Would just regular surface cleaning and a higher degree tip work?

Please help me out if you have any pics of any limestone job you have done please post them.



Meant to say go search for a post by him about limestone, good info

Just curious - I have several clients that I clean their limestone decks around their pools. All of them are very clean right around the pool but get dirtier the farther away from the pool you get. Is this similar to what you are seeing?

I’d be inclined to think that being closer to the chlorinated water, limestone which is very porous, would stay cleaner than the stone further away. The stains most likely would be biological and form again, from the stone being so porous.

Whenever I work with stone that I’m not familiar with, doing a test section is crucial. SH might work. Straight water might work. Personally, I’m a Prosoco fanboy. They carry all sorts of chemicals from delicate to melt your skin off and their distributors really know their stuff. I call up all the time to ask their opinion on projects. AND they have free samples I can test out before I purchase anything.