Venturi/solenoid valve Questions

Hi Guys,

I am a house washer in Brisbane, Australia. I have a question regarding Venturi systems and as an extension solenoid valves. I currently run the standard Honda gx390 and AR pump with an X jet M5 and am lugging around the SH bottles on site, and I want to upgrade my system so I can leave them on the ute. My question is I have been looking and putting a brass T section between my pump and hose and I am curious if my solenoid valve should be rated for high pressure, or because I am running it in a Venturi section it can be one rated for a lower pressure (around 300 psi). My plan is to hook the valve up to a remote on/off so I can turn it off and on as I please, from the press of a button I will keep in my pocket. Also would love to hear if anyone has a similar setup and any advice that might be beneficial when designing/building. Thanks for your help in advance.

Brad H

It doesn’t have to be high pressure, and it is actually more of a suction line so you need some of that non-collapsible hose. Be sure to get a ball valve, solenoid valves burn out quick.

I’m very fond of this one…


I blew through four of the little blue ball valves before a guy on here suggested the Teejet.