Vehicle Wrap Removal

Has anyone done vinyl graphics or a vehicle wrap removal? What do you charge…what are your methods…how do you charge?

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I called around my town and nobody has ever heard of removing the wrap

Thanks. Looks like a heat gun and citrus cleaner is probably the best route from what I have found out so far.

I realize this is an old post but my dad owns a sign business. He wraps and “unwraps” vehicles often. So perhaps talk to a local sign company.

Heat is usually the key but occasionally not needed. The age and condition of the wrap determine how it comes off. Better than a heat gun, is a hand held propane torch. Heat the vinyl and determine the angle to pull at which the least amount of adhesive is left behind on the vehicle. Usually most adhesive will come off with the vinyl wrap. Then use adhesive remover to clean it up good. Hope that helps some for the future.

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End result…

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Looks good (The "after, that is, NOT the Elvis impersonator! LOL)

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I kept getting the urge to “shimmy n shake” while I was working.

So what did you use?


Conquest…citrus based remover

Good deal. Thanks.


I know this is an old thread, but has anybody ever just tried to use super hot water to heat the graphics up before pulling them off?

A heat gun will be the best option in my opinion

Typically this is what I would use myself on smaller digital prints (My other business that I’ve been doing for 21 years is an electrical sign company. I do install digital prints, vinyl and wraps like this). But given the size of these ones, The graphics company that called me, had their guys already try to take this off using that method, but they can only heat up so much so fast and they’re only ripping off about 5 inch strips. I’m hoping that using 8 gallons a minute at 180° that it will heat up the film in much larger sections to be able to pull it off in at least 2 foot wide strips, if not get really lucky and be able to heat it so much that it pulls it off in maybe 4 foot wide strips without ripping it. I’ve never tried this before, but the owner of the company that called me to help them did some research and thought this might be a faster way to go. Have you ever tried to use hot water before and had any luck?