Vehicle Set Up?

Hello friends,

Wondering what you would suggest for a vehicle set up. I will be doing roof cleaning, soft washing, and and pressure washing. I plan on having some 50-100 gallon drums, an 8gpm pressure washer, a proportioner, etc. Would you recommend a pick up truck + trailer, or a van, or a cargo van? Either way I have a personal vehicle and access to storage so what ever is the most useful is what I am looking for.

Service body truck


To be honest, after having 2 vans, a trailer and a SUV (lol) it all depends. You have an 8 gpm, so lots of room needed for buffer tanks. Also, you must think of future… do you plan on having a helper? Do you want to have another 8 gpm??? Bigger tank, more room for other pressure washer, 2 surface cleaners, soft washing tanks??? Do you live in a major metropolitan city??? Out in the woods??? Suburbs???

Big city = not alot of parking or room to turn if using trailer. Have to use alot of laneways to even somewhat find a spot to park (need atleast 3 car lengths to park a trailer, and if you have non barn doors now you need even more room)

Personal opinion: what IBS told you, van, transit connect/sprinter or a small cube van/cab over no longer than 16 foot box (14 foot is perfect). Diesel even better :slight_smile:

Out in the woods: no room to turn big trailer, winding driveways nightmare with trailer, crappy water sources (get same thing as big city)

Suburbs: alot better with anything. House are spread out farther apart so anything work

Personal choice: sprinter/transit connect or box truck.

Also if you go for the cube van/cab over please make sure its a lower profile one (closer to ground) and not the ones that have the lift gates… tough to get up and down from them.