Vanguard Briggs and Stratton popping backfire

Hello from Estonia guys.

I got new vanguard briggs and Stratton pressure washer. Fuel is E5 ( not more that 5% ethanol)

Engine popping on load and during idle , I got some little video about this problem

Any advices ? The machine is new…

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Probably a plug or coil failing

Check the air filter

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Sounds like a mis fire… Spark related… Check spark plugs and coil

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Hello guys, thank you all for your answers, today I received a key for the spark plugs and found a white deposit on the electrode. Is this an indication that the fuel mixture is too weak?

That plug is finished, that’s a sign of running lean. It will result in the backfires and hesitation. Replace plug, double check gap and your problem will be gone. Don’t use a piece of sandpaper, just replace it.

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What he said. Also, make sure plug is correct one, or go one step up to a hotter plug. You can’t really control the fuel flow, so odds are your plug want gapped correctly, was loose or wrong one. Either way, your machine was running hot

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