Valpak direct mail marketing vs social media options

Currently researching options to do an advertising push before the start of summer for pressure washing services. We’ve researched quite a bit on different options for marketing, but some of the information is from 3-7 years ago and we know things have changed since then especially with Facebook Ads and direct mail results. We are considering doing a direct mail campaign with ValPak that has:

The complete cost for postcard and blue envelope is $2475
10,000 postcard -10,000 blue envelope= 20,000 mailing

We understand we would need consistent with this for at least 4 months in order to track results and gauge an accurate ROI. Also trying to gauge if the above price is reasonable for direct mail. It seems like this is a fairly good price per piece mailed, but would love to hear what others thought.

Also curious if anyone has had recent success from direct mail campaigns, or if there are other options (Facebook ads, etc.) that a near $10,000 investment on a campaign would be better spent on. Any guidance is greatly appreciated. Thank you.