Using vehicles fuel tank for pressure washer

I’m doing a pressure washing build a 2020 F 350 flatbed. I have a Honda iGX800 and wanted advice on the possibility of tapping into the vehicles gas tank instead of adding another external gas tank. Can this be done?

I understand a little bit about the concerns and possible failures with attempting it but not the details in the matter, and I seemed to have a lot of struggle finding information about others doing it which leads me to believe its not very common practice. I would assume for good reason. My general take away is that it is possible but with some risk.

Any inputs or advice on wether or not this is possible, and description of why, would be appreciated. I would be stoked if its possible but if its not then I would be equally excited to put the idea to rest.

I’d think that there can be legal ramifications should something happen, and insurance rejects payout.

Possibly warranty issues too from Ford.

Isn’t @Infinity doing something like this?

Seems to be that he is. He mentioned it in passing on his truck build thread. Thanks for the lead.

That’s thread is massive. Took me forever to get to the end where he mentions it lol.

Yes, I did it. If you have room for a separate fuel cell, I wouldn’t recommend tapping the stock fuel tank.

The main issue I’ve run into with mine is that if I’m parked downhill much at all, it’s too much height for the iGX’s fuel pump to pull from. (I also have to make sure the tank is at least half full at all times.)

I have not thrown any codes or had any other issues apart from that. But there is certainly much potential for screwing things up when you start messing with the stock tank.

Two questions:

  1. Did you put a new pressure washer on your rig? I only followed your Truck Norris thread and thought it was a GX390 on there. (By the way that’s an incredible build. Great work.)
  2. Did you consider a secondary fuel pump in line to assist with the flow issues?

Never mind. Buddy sent me over to another thread where you talk about the issues you had and your current engine setup.

My 690 pulls from my trucks fuel tank. Never once had a problem have to keep my fuel tank above 1/4. Luckily my truck already had an extra fuel port to plug into but I believe you can buy a kit to do it also

@Cleaningbro, where is your fuel tank located on the vehicle in relation to the position of your pressure washing engine?

I’m wondering if @Infinity’s fuel tank being at the center of the truck created issues for having to draw fuel a greater distance. My pressure washer sits directly above the fuel tank.

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Could be the problem. Mine is pretty close