Using the water hose as a softwash hose?

I was thinking about using my existing cold water supply hose (150’) as a softwash chemical application hose.

Currently it feeds the buffer tank, but a simple three way ball valve on the trailer would allow it to connect to a 12v pump and be used backwards to apply roof chems - good or bad idea?

Also, I have a few deep cycle batteries and thought about using a solar panel on top of the trailer to keep them charged (as I mainly do pressure washing). Thoughts?

Not recommended but it really depends on what type of rubber the hose is made out of.

I’m not sure on the solar panel but I remember someone saying they hooked their batteries up to their alternator so they were always charged. I think it was Chris Schertz. I bet a small solar panel would take a long time to charge a couple deep cycle batteries. It’s a cool idea so at least worth checking into.

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Good point about the rubber. It’s is a rubber/alloy hybrid hose.

Alternator was my first choice, via a voltage sensitivite relay, but the added wiring to the trailer got me stumped! Ha ha.

Thanks :+1:t2:

I have been using garden hose as a to apply chemicals for about a year now, hoses are still in good condition, I flush them out after every use.

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Hmmm maybe it’s back on again!

I’ve had a few people ask for large concrete tile roofs to be cleaned and they don’t like to be walked on those things!

…I’m halfway into setting up a gutter vacuuming business too, so cheap as possible if I’m going to do them :+1:t2:

I’ve been using a section of this hose to jump from 12v to reel for about 6 months now. So far so good. I plan on doing some re plumbing soon, I’ll take a look at the interior. I use the same hose as a supply. I love this hose, never kinks. I have not went to flexilla bc I haven’t had a reason to.|G|Base|D25H|Multi|NA|PLA|71700000032394431|58700003837562558|92700037599062080&gclid=Cj0KCQiA5NPjBRDDARIsAM9X1GLhdJXRodMA9TY-W3_gyPcmBDrVhAmBZ281S5-39hWrnQaLyRfd8pUaAky0EALw_wcB&gclsrc=aw.ds

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Looks heavy as all heck?

I have 50 metres (160ft) of this one:

I asked for samples of various types as they sell all types of hoses and this one was crushproof and kink proof and alloy blended so still light.

Admittedly, it looks cheap, but in the hand, it’s definitely not.

I just use standard hose 13mm for chemical application.

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I think everyone has missed the purpose of your post. You are looking to use one hose for double duty, correct? As both your supply hose to fill your buffer tank, and then as your spray hose for your soft wash system?

I personally don’t like the idea of traces of detergent and bleach ending up in the buffer tank, though it probably would do little harm.

My main objections would be based on reliability and convenience issues. The hose will be getting used a lot more. The manifolds on most supply reels will not hold up to chems. My supply reel has a 1” iron manifold for better flow; it definitely would not hold up to chemical use.

When you’re spraying chems, you’d be tying up your supply hose, so if your 12v chem pump dies in the middle of a job, you’re stuck with a bunch of chems in your supply hose and you can’t just crank up the pressure washer to rinse away what you’ve soaped.

Anything that breaks down or corrodes in the hose or fittings could end up getting fed back into your buffer tank. Seems like a headache waiting to happen.

Overall, it just seems like it could cause a lot more problems than it would solve.


That’s great info - thanks!

Can you clarify how the chems get into the buffer tank?

The water comes into the buffer tank uphill so to speak. Below this would be the ball valve.

The chem would be drawn from a tank, via the pump to the closed off pipe leading upwards to the buffer tank.

When the chem tank is empty, water is added backwards from the mains tap, through the hose to clean and back to the chem tank.

I’d then open the ball valve.

(Yep - If the pump breaks - I’m left with a hose full of chemicals, that’s a point I didn’t consider!)

That’s why I said trace amounts. I think it would be pretty hard to rinse 100% of all residual chemicals from the inside of the hose, unless you really over-rinse the line.

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Got ya :+1:t2:

Which hose exactly? The link just took me to the website and not a specific item