Using F-13 Gutter Grenade and getting it on other surfaces

New to using a lot of these chemicals. I understand SH pretty well and soon will be using SH and elemonator . I have a house coming up with nasty gutters and normal soffets. I know from experience the soffets will come out nice and some will come off the gutters but I’ll have to switch over to a stronger method. I use to use spray 9 and a ladder which would get the gutters nice looking but switching to F-13 looks like it will do the same job. It seems to work pretty fast but what do I have worry around for other surfaces that are dry? brick, siding , plants, windows, grills etc. The house is a two story and would love to downstream it but worried about all the overspray and splashing and dripping. do I need to just try and use the pole brush to apply it so i can keep it contained?

Downstreaming it on the gutters will be one the biggest if not worst ideas of your washing career.

You need to hand apply it with a brush and have someone keeping every wet around the area.

Drip it on dry siding with oxidation…You’re screwed

Drip it on dry concrete…You’re screwed

Drip it on dry older composite decking…You get the picture.

Brush on, keep surrounding areas wet.


Yep yep and yep!


so you’re saying there’s a chance?? lol #dumbanddumber . What other surfaces can you get it on and it be ok? aluminum trim or soffets because its the same as the gutters?

Gutter Grenade basically removes a thin layer of paint from gutters to get the tiger stripes off. If you scrub too much you can take them right down to bare metal. Don’t get it on any surface except for the surface you’re using it on. Get in the habit of doing that with any chemical you work with. It’ll keep you from making any dumb mistakes. Always pre and post rinse right away when you’re worried about over spray. There are some chems and surfaces where you can’t have any over spray. Just be sure to know what chem you’re using and what it does before actually using it.


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Let’s not forget the correct answer to your question:

Don’t offer gutter whitening. Tell them the gutters will not be perfect. Then you never have to worry about repainting gutters, or scrubbing the side of a house because you dripped some on the vinyl.


i hear ya . hand wiping the safest lol

Nope, he’s saying don’t even mess with gutter whitening. There’s easier and safer money to be made.

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how does f13 do if you are doing an older house that has paint wood sides. Isn’t it safe if you can pre wet everything and the mop the gutters and wash off?