Using different Pressure washer Guns/Tips issue

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Im kinda new to the industry, I have a 4gpm 4000psi machine and im having issues with reaching the 2nd floor, tired using the pink/green/red tip and doesnt give me proper coverage and just ends up misting everything a little after a floor and a half. Also my Black tip kinda trickles (showers) instead of actually spraying and having a spray angle. Turbo/green/yellow and all other tips work fine though and pretty decent. Does the washer gun have any effect on the distance the water shoot out of the machine or what is my issue here, all tips are clean too by the way.

Use a shooter tip. Or make your own. Only need about 6 inches of straight tip. It’s all in the tips and volume of water

Ditto, shooter tip. A 4/4 is only going to reach so far though, the main reason why I upgraded last year.

@MuscleMyHustle sorry forgot to mentioned im in the Philippines, dont have access to those tips and unfortunately our tax hes is dumb so if I order from amazon it will probably just me an arm and a leg and will get ripped off at one point. Only have 1 relative in the US and hes in California but apparently J-rods are illegal to use or purchase in CA as per Pressure tek so I have no idea what to do now lol

I saw videos on the pink tips and they reach way higher than mine and thats with 2.5/3gpm machines so I was wondering why mine wasnt, also why my black tip doesnt fan out properly. Just thought I might be doesnt something wrong, all my orifices are 4 so not sure if switching to a smaller orfice might help out

You won’t get ripped off, a shooter tip will last you for many years. It’s just a straight piece of 6 inch pipe to straighten the stream out. The coloured tips you get with your pressure washer when you buy them are rubbish. You only need 3 tips including the shooter tips if your washing houses.

I mean ripped off by customs with the tax, I once ordered glass containers worth $4 each and when it arrived here they wanted me to pay $14 each for them at it was like 50 containers so I just left it with them and considered it as money lost loss, just worried about how much they take me when it arrived at customs

The black ‘soap’ tip isn’t supposed to fan out, more of a low pressure stream.

Here’s what a jrod looks like with the shooter tip.

@dcbrock dont have a video but I probably will make a video sometime this week to show, but if you check this video !! VERY IMPORTANT !! 2 Pressure Wash Spray Tips I Use and Why - YouTube past 3:40 see how the black tip has wide coverage, and past 4:29 pink tip also gets decent coverage high. My black tip kinda looks like this picture but even weaker probably reaches only 7inches long and 4 inches wide not sure if the pic and video I sent make sense i hope it does though lol.

I see what you’re saying. As an option, you can drill out your red tip with a drill press and make a sorta shooter tip.

@dcbrock ooo never thought of doing that, thanks i will test that out this week, red tip is useless anyway

Black soap tips come in different degree patterns. You may have a 25. A 40 or 65 will give you a wider pattern. You are using #4 orifice nozzles, giving you full psi of your machine. You rarely, if ever need that much pressure. Size 6-10 will be better for most applications. You will get a straighter stream with less mist with a zero degree nozzle with a larger orifice. You can find colored nozzles cheap on eBay if you have access.

You could drill a bigger hole in your red tip if you dont use it.

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That’s a good point. If you drill out your 0004 nozzle to twice the size you would have about a size 10 orifice.

@Dantag that makes sense thank you so much yeah I think i might be able to to find bigger orifice colored tips would be easier than the Jrod with we have 0 of them here lol, worst comes to worst I can drill a hole like you guys suggested im sure I can find a lot of size 4 nozzles here and can easily get them so I can also mess it up and test with it thank you so much everyone!

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Best wishes…

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You can make one from a. Brass hose barb fitting. I did years ago but I can’t remember what size the barb was.

Ill try to research on that and do it if i fail at the drilling part lol thanks!

Are there any machine shops near you?

1/4 inch

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Yeah there are, go to them and have a Jrod fabricated?