Using a wood pallet for skid in pickup truck - Any issues with rain/wet conditions?

I’m looking to use a wooden pallet in the back of my pick up truck to use as a skid. Are there any issues exposing it to rain/wet conditions year round? I don’t believe it will be a big issue living in Southern California, I would just like to take pre caution before installing everything for good. Alternatively, are there any other options I can use at a similar price point? Appreciate the help!

You would be much better off tracking down a plastic pallet. Same size. Easier to bolt to. No splinters. Will slide out of truck easier than wood. Will not rot. Shall I go on?


I agree with Alabama. No way would I use a wood pallet. The boards on your average pallet are only about 3/8" thick and held on by either staples or small nails. Even with rubber feet those little staples or nails would probably vibrate out or even split the boards. Most are made out of pine so I don’t see them lasting long for a skid.

Thanks for your advice! I will definitely look into plastic instead of wood. Looks like that might be the better option. Any particular plastics I should look into or does it matter what quality/type it is?

I don’t think it matters. They’re all pretty similar quality. I thought about doing the same thing myself but I like to be able to close my Tonneau cover

The woods going to degrade and rot eventually. It is wood after all. If that’s what you’re going to do id coat it with a good water proof paint or stain.

You might want to opt for the solid surface pallets. The ones that are built sort of like a milk crate can be difficult to fasten equipment to.

I actually built a bed for my trailer out of the plastic milk crate style pallets. It’s pretty cool looking, imo, but was difficult to make work. I’m probably going to replace with aluminum diamond plate, if I can find a piece for a reasonable price.

(Don’t mind the apparent camber on the left side; the pic got distorted somehow)

Wish you were closer to North Carolina I have 2 skids I had built I need to get out of the shop

well darn lol

Already started looking into plastic pallets, glad you mentioned to look into solid surfaces!