Using a drone for roof estimates?

Thinking about getting a DJI spark to give estimates on Roofs without having to get on the roof. Figure it would also be good for before and after pics. Anyone else try this?

I seen a couple people put the videos on their websites of them doing driveways and roofs. Seems good for marketing.

For a long time I used my phone on a pole, now I use a wireless camera…

I have a DJI Phantom. Never even considered using it though. I estimate from the ground just fine

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Home inspectors use them for roofs, especially in winter.

I have a DJI Phantom 4K drone. Here’s a few things to consider.

To use your drone in your business, you will need an FAA certification known as a “part 107” remote pilot license. It consists of taking a test and costs about $150 to get. The materials you need for the test will cost about $50 - $150 depending on what study materials you buy.

The only other thing to consider is in my opinion is that flying a drone in close quarters around houses and trees takes a lot of practice and skill. It’s best to start with a cheaper drone and learn the fundamentals of flying before crashing a $500, or in my case a $1000 drone into a roof or tree. Look up drone crashes on You Tube and watch a few videos, you can learn from other’s mistakes.

Overall, I think they are really fun to fly and if you can make it a business expense, then so much the better.

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