Users with hot water DS with HW mix - what temperature have you seen best effect with?

As title mentiones, Ive read that some here use hot water when DS with HW mix…
Just courious what your findings are? :slight_smile:

I Stay around 80 to 100 degrees and that always depends on what I’m washing or trying to remove

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Great! Are we talking fahrenheit or celsius? :slight_smile: I assume celsius :slight_smile:

You have any examples where you usually keep it at 80 and where at 100? :slight_smile:

100-110, depending….

No definitely Fahrenheit around this forum. Not too many are cleaning out of the states besides a few from Canada. 100 Celsius would melt the vinyl in front of your eyes

Concrete if it’s not to dirty ill keep it around 80 degrees and very dirty with oil spots I use 100 degrees

I think 100 is okay.

However too hot isn’t good, There a degreaser I buy from my local chem company and has done me well, and I’ve down streamed at around 140 and it completely kills it. At 100 is kicks butt

LOL, the water in my tank is probably 85-90 degrees. I run 110-120 on houses and residential drives if needed.

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I don’t use any heat on houses unless it’s 30 degrees out and it’s really just to keep my hands warm and activate the mix better. During normal summer months, my tank is usually like Rick said, 80-90 already so I don’t turn the burner on unless I’m cleaning oil/grease or real bad concrete

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I have a stupid question, those of you that use really hot water, how do you keep the gun from burning your hand after a while?

I wear some gloves, nothing serious though, plus you’re not really holding anything super hot ( but once LOL ) except for when using ball valve and my hoses have the thicker grips on the end so hold it with that. I also use the insulated quick connect.


I use these frogwear insulated gloves. They are great for the winter too (if you clean at that time). They have a warm fuzzy material inside that is nice. Plus they are sh proof: Frogwear 8490 Insulated &…

Where do you get insulated QC from?

Also, another thing I did was move the ball valve off the gun and put it before the ds injector. This way I can quickly remove the dsi when not needed and switch to the surface cleaner without turning the machine off. It’s so much nicer not lugging that thing around with the gun all day and one less thing to get hot. I have the super swivels on the gun and surface cleaner itself now so they both benefit.

Most distributors sell. Think my last ones came from PWP