Used trailer remodel

Just got a used enclosed trailer. The wood walls are paper thin. Should this be replaced with 1/2 inch ply so that hanging things is easier /possible?

The floor Feels solid but I’m going to coat it with truck bed liner. Not sure if I should replace it since I’m doing this all. In enclosed is treated ply needed? Don’t see it much.

The floor has some ETrack on it that I assume needs to be moved to the walls to be useful (it’s already in the way of a tank).

Anything else I should address before continuing? Thanks

I no longer own an enclosed trailer and have never used one for this industry, but, from what I’ve seen on this forum it seems that some of the more talked about bullet points are:
-layout inside trailer for convenience, functionality, and proper towing
-reel placement
-engine exhaust piping
-floor/wall coating
-properly securing tanks/equipment/ladders/reels, etc
-buffer tank drainage
-ventilation for whole trailer as SH is corrosive

Look up trailer builds and you’ll find many threads showing how others have done theirs. Grab some popcorn, paper and pen and dive on in!

I read up on all the rest you mentioned and already know the placement of thing like reels and the tanks.

I guess unless I want to drill into the framing on the walls I should put up at least 1/2” plywood for the walls. Really I’ve never seen specs on a trailer with wood this thin. Is as thin as pegboard.

I installed etrack on my walls using sturdy self tapping screws into the vertical support beams sandwiched between the wood and aluminum skin. I did paint the walls with outdoor paint first.


I tried coating my enclosed trailer floor with special paint and that lasted a few months only. Now i just throw a new layer of plywood on the floor every 3 years or so. There’s always going to be spills and leaks on there so i just leave bare plywood with holes in it for drainage. That way it dries quickly.

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Going to use some bed liner for it.

Not sure if I should start a new thread but where does everyone get the supplies for a build like hoses to interconnect tanks pumps and such? Are you able to find everything locally at a something like TS or park even lowes?

I know I’ll need to get a Hudson valve and water filter online.

In this trailer the previous person has etrack on the floor. Floor is also vinyl i think. I was going to do the whole truck bed lining thing and I’m about to take the etrack off (the middle strip is in the way of the tank.

Any reason I should leave it on the floor?
Should the vinyl be pulled up and the liner coat the wood or go right over the vinyl?
Leaning towards take the track up and go over the vinyl. Track looks like it would be in the way of other things.