Used Trailer and Equipment Purchase Opinions

Hi Everyone…

I’ve been lurking the site and researching for a while on equipment and methods and what not but haven’t pulled the trigger on anything just yet. I’ve been thinking of starting a new “division” within my landscape company, mainly for cleaning and caring for pavers, out here in Las Vegas for the last year or so and recently came across this set up and was hoping to get any opinions from the professionals around here and if there’s anything I should be careful with.

The pictures show the set up but the basics are:

  • Rhasco 5gpm/3000psi Vanguard 16hp gas motor pressure washer
    -Rhasco diesel burner 46,500 BTU
    -100gallon auxiliary tank
    -Another smaller tank for down streaming I’m guessing

The trailer is a 23’ dual axle with tons of storage… apparently everything works and the guy has title. I have no idea why it’s being sold or the motivation but he’s only asking $5,000.

I know that more GPM is better for concrete and paver cleaning but the price just seems too good to pass up. Meeting the guy tomorrow to check it out but I just wanted to get any opinions I could. Thanks!33


Wow that’s a lot of stuff for $5k. I just read there was a landscaping/cleaning water restriction in the Las Vegas Valley from 11am-7pm, May1-Aug31 this year; maybe that’s his motivation. . .

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That’s a heck of a trailer and unit for that price. Kind of an oddball trailer that if you decided to sell it, not sure what your market would be. You could fit everything you need on a 12’ trailer easy. 23’ a lot to pull around into subdivisions.

Yeah the trailer is pretty big… and wouldn’t have been my first choice by any stretch… but for $5k? We’re also not all that limited out here with access and what not… so the size isn’t a deal breaker.

I actually think that the trailer was built either for either a pool plasterer or for a concrete curb machine set up… with all that storage I’m sure someone could find that it worked “perfect” for them for something.

Of ALL people I should’ve thought of this angle… nice call. We actually do a lot of turf conversions where people are getting paid by the water district to remove their grass and replace it with “water smart” landscaping… very successful program actually.

Your post made me do some research though to see how it affected other things, like washing buildings and pavers. In short it does affect it BUT only if you allow water from the property to go down the gutter on the street and I think I can minimize or eliminate that altogether.

It’s also not like the regular cops are searching for you to bust you… would have to be one of a few “water waste” enforcement officers who caught you AND you were running afoul of the law.

Good call though.

Tell Tony I said hi

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If everything works I would buy that thing


Guess I’m in the paver cleaning and sealing business now.

I am 100% amateur but everything tested out well… engine fired right up as did the heater… trailers super clean and heavy duty as s*** with tons of storage.

Got it for $4,800.

I’m sure it’s cursed or something.


Are you talking about Tony Shelton?

Yep. Looks like one of his sons trailers

Welcome to the pw business. That’s a heck of a deal.

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I remember him from years ago. He always seemed like a good guy

You now have all the tools go make a bunch of money

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Thanks for the input guys… pretty excited about the additional revenue potential for offering this service model I’m planning. Since most of what we do is new construction the sales cycle can be a grind… something like this should provide for a fairly revenue stream that doesn’t require me to be managing the minutia.

It also gives us an advantage over other landscape companies out here with commercial maintenance clients. Pretty jazzed.

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If anything, sell trailer only 5k, buy cheaper smaller version.