Used First Pressure Washer

Finally pulled the trigger on a used pressure washer! I was going to buy new, but with a budget of 1k, I couldn’t find anything that was adequate.
For $950, I was able to get a 13 HP Honda GX390 and a 4GPM Comet ZWD 4040 Pump. I know this is not the best machine, but to start off with, I think I did pretty good?

I plan on doing flat surfaces (Concrete, wood) as well as house washing with this machine to start.

Would love to hear some feed back!

Pressure Washer 3

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It’s something to start with, It is on the high side… I would have expected it to be around $600 for those specs…

But take it out and make some money!!

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That machine should do you OK to start. I’m not familiar with that particular pump, but it looks like the unloader and downstream injector are built into the pump head? If it were me, I wouldn’t invest much money at all to keep the pump serviceable if it gives you trouble. Put on a gearbox and a TS2021.

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Basically the same machine I started with. Use it for a year, save up money and spring for an 8/3500. Bypass all that other stuff, don’t even attempt to upgrade this one.

Best I can tell your machine doesn’t have a bypass option so be aware you’ll have to hit the trigger at a minimum of once a minute so it won’t fry out on you.

Probably should have checked with the guys on here first before buying.

I don’t pick the machine until 9am tomorrow. Should I re-consider?
I’ve been looking and looking for a used pressure washer and this was the first one that came up within my price range that had 4gpm…

Yes indeed

This isn’t a professional grade machine, and it isn’t a good price for used. If you have time, keep looking.

I just checked the specs online and it says it has an external unloader valve

Oh goodness yes, don’t get that one. At the very least get a belt drive of some sort.

I really wanna keep looking, but there really isn’t much here in Toronto as far as used machines go within my price range.

Put it on the credit card. Seriously. You’ll make the excess back in 2-3 jobs easy.

Here’s an example of a ‘good’ first machine for serious use.


Do you have a link for this machine?

$950 US or Canadian?


If you’ve been looking and looking and looking, and it’s the first 4gpm that’s popped up and you are itching to get started, it’ll work for you especially if that’s all you can afford.

That’s about $750 US.

Most of us don’t know what’s readily available in Canada. But in my opinion that’s not a bad deal especially if things are scarcer due to covid.

As expected, very helpful with all the replies. Thanks!!

Get back to us with what you end up with.

Found a couple on Facebook in your area.

This one looks pretty good.

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Damn, I wish I would have seen this earlier.
I don’t have Facebook right now, I was using another online classified similar to Craigslist to search for power washers.
I had my first pressure washing job to do today so I ended up picking up the machine this morning I stead of putting it off…

Thanks for the links though!!

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it looks really beautiful. I hope you will use it for many years without any problems. :slight_smile: I think the price is great as well as the size and functionality. I will add such opportunities to my favorites in the first place. Otherwise, it can be sad to miss such opportunities. Thank you very much for sharing with us, best regards… :slight_smile:

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