Upgrading to flatbed pickup

Hey PWR. Been running out of a normal pickup with 8ft bed for a year now and it’s been fine but I just landed a large commercial account and got approved for financing on a 2005 F250 super duty flat bed.

Here is the truck:

I currently run a 5.5gpm machine and batch mix for roofs using a 12v set up from pressure tek. I will be upgrading to an 8gpm hot water unit and an air diaphragm set up after this season.

Here is my crude set up I drew.

Anyone who runs out of a flatbed can you provide some insight on what has worked for you and what to avoid?

I don’t run a flatbed, but I think you’ll find it super important to sketch out your water connections, hoses, filter, shutoffs, unloader and DS bypass mounting, etc. You might find yourself running out of room there in the middle unless you take a little time right now and get creative. “Room for activities” got a chuckle outta me


Here is what Im working with now.

Those are 50 gallon horizontal tanks. I gain footprint with the verticals.

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What state are you in?
Guy that was buying it backed out yesterday. Gimmie $7.5K and it’s yours


I’d love to have the extended cab but no time to make it down there.

Unless the truck you posted has significantly less mileage his truck is $1990 less and 3 years newer. You could pay to have it delivered and likely save $1400 easily. I shipped an F250 from Seattle to Norfolk VA for $700


The truck I’m looking at has 70k miles.

If you plan on getting a bigger buffer, like a tote, make sure the truck can carry the weight. A friend of mine bought a F250 and put a tote on it but can’t drive around with it half full so he still waits for it to fill. Disclaimer, his bed has 2 machines, 3 reels, ladder racks, several ladders, chem tank and so on.

Very good point, I plan to install helper springs on my F250 immediately.

Air bags are the way to go and can be adjusted


Payload is about 5400 on that particular truck. Even with 400 gallons of water and chem I’d be 4000lbs or so, right?

Yes that sounds right except is the payload for a gaser f250 around 3,300 lbs?

You know what it might be closer to 4000 now that Im looking. But for now I don’t plan on carrying more than 200g of water and 50 to 75 gallons of bleach. That plus equipment should be good enough!

pickups are funny things, you mighty want to subtract the weight of the people in the cab, and any gear in the cab, plus gas. Manufacturer’s mess with those stats more than the government messes with their stats.

I fixed it for you.


That’s recommended by the truck maker. Gas, passenger weight, etc. you have far less wiggle room than you think. If you plan to haul 200 gallons of water I would put air bags or helper springs on the truck.