Upgrading pump


I am replacing my pump and was curious about opinions. I have a ts2021 pump now with a gear box on a gx690. I was thinking about changing to belt drive when I put the new pump on. What are you thoughts about gear box vs. belt. I know belt drive is better for the system. Runs slower and cooler. i looked through the forums and google and couldnt find much about it. Is there a complete kit to make the changover. I check pressuretek and powerwash as well as water cannon and couldnt find anything. Google search was not much help either. Thanks all.


From what i’ve read, it seems there isn’t a whole lot of difference between gear driven and belt driven these days. Belt might technically be the best choice, but it appears to be a slim margin, if that. Again, from what ive read… i have a gear driven. Call Bob at Pressure Tek, or Russ at Southside, and they can tell you what you need if you want to switch to belt drive.

Why are you replacing yours? Is it bad?


Ok, I remember reading IBS say that gear was superior to direct(obviously) and that belt was superior to all. From what I could find about them, It was my understanding that the belt drive would run the pump at a lower rpm then even the gear drive and would have a better draft from the buffer tank. I am getting water in the crankcase and having intermittent pressure drop issues and didnt have time to rebuild so I ordered a new pump and will rebuild this one at a later time.