Upgrading my GX390 to 5.5 GPM... question


That’s a good deal! I was at about a Grand with all the extras.


Where did you get your Udor 8/3 at?


Powerwash store.com

Call Alex and tell him Schertz sent you. He will hook you up.


Just outta curiosity, how long did it take to receive? I ordered the 30th and it hasn’t hit my cc yet or anything. Russ says it’s ordered, just waiting on Pressure Pro at this point. Edit- I get that it’ll take time, just surprised it hasn’t hit my credit card yet…


It’s drop shipped from Pressure Pro so it took a little longer than usual from what I remember. But it wasn’t ridiculously long.


Pump came today. It’s gonna be interesting getting it changed over, but I look forward to it


You’ll love the difference. I started taking off 100 ft of hose and only using 100 ft for doing concrete (if 100ft will reach what I’m doing…but usually does for a driveway). You gain a few 100 psi with shorter hose for concrete cleaning. You should do a bucket test to see if you pull the gpm I’ve been getting. Only difference for me is the 3-5gpm injector I was using with my 4/4 went from 10:1 to almost 14:1 with the new pump so I just started DS straight 12.5 which works great and puts me close to 1% which has even been working in high 40 degree temps


@Barry1 I look forward to the difference. A few bucket tests are planned for sure. Im going to have 200 ft on the reel and an extra 100 in the truck, I’ll keep that in mind when it comes to concrete work.

For the trailer setup…
So far I’ve got the pump on the engine, and was easier than expected. It’s on the trailer, but I still have to figure out how I’m going to mount it and finish the rest of the setup. As of right now it’s going to go on the right side towards the rear with the buffer tank in the forward middle, and hose reels on the rear. That should leave room for a tough box up front to keep stuff in, SC on the left side, etc. Any opinions on the setup are appreciated, and if I’m jacking up somewhere, lemme know. I know without pics it may be harder to picture, I’ll take some tomorrow if needed.


My set up is nowhere close to “clean and organized” but I don’t really care…as long as it works for me. I would recommend having both your reels mounted on the curb side of the trailer so you can just pull your hoses straight out from the trailer to the house. When they’re mounted out the back you have pull you hoses down the street instead of where you want to go. Here’s a few pics of my trailer at different stages but you can get an idea. I pulled my unloader off the pump and put it on an unloader block because of the weight and vibrations of the unloader.


I finally got finished with the trailer and tested everything today, and i get right around 5.5gpm. I was hoping to get a little more like @Barry1, but I’m still happy with the difference compared to what I had previously. I’ll probably have to change out some of the plumbing sooner rather than later, but i can at least get the jobs done tomorrow I have scheduled.


5.5 is better than 4. Maybe I got a lemon…lol.


Hey barry1, your pump is the one with the hot water packings, right?


Not sure what you mean by hot water packings. It’s a gear drive hp5535 General pump.


I swear I read that somewhere, Im not finding that info anywhere now. sorry for the confusion.


Hot water doesn’t go thru the pump


I get that its not ideal, but some general pumps have special hot packings and hot valves.


The pumps are rated for water up to 160 degrees. If you run hot water from a restaurant spigot it will be around 130-140. I did that for years on a smaller CAT pump and the unloader on it finally gave out…but I only used that PW once a month for 6 years. They’re called cold water pressure washers for a reason so I wouldn’t run hot water through an expensive pump.


Im sure I just got the pump# wrong. For sure there are hot water pumps tho. But we’re taking 2k$ pump.