Updating my estimate sheet

Looking for advice on what to include on my quotes that’s send to the customer. Going to add disclaimers about oxidation and types of stains that won’t come with standard pressure washing procedure, unforeseen issues and stuff like that. Would love your guys advice, maybe even a photo or two of what’s on yours.

Here is mine in a generic format (add your company name) for anyone to use: Terms and Conditions


I don’t have a big scary disclaimer at all. But I do a walk-through with every client before starting the job, and set expectations that way. I point out oxidation and explain likely outcomes/solutions, driveway stains I can’t remove (tire shine), artillery fungus, etc

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To clarify, I wasn’t calling Heath’s disclaimer scary. That’s actually pretty solid

I know a few guys have guys have used my disclaimer on here, so I must be doing something right. Ha.

I also have an additional sheet I will give to customers about oxidation. Here is what is says:

Oxidation on Exterior Surfaces

Oxidation, or fading, of painted and unpainted surfaces such as Hardiplank, Stucco, EIFS, Vinyl and Metal siding and many others, occurs when Ultraviolet Light breaks down the binders in the paint or surface and releases pigments. Oxidation also occurs from neglect or improper maintenance of the surface as well as other causes.

How to tell if your surface is Oxidized

There are a couple of ways to tell if the surface of your home is suffering from Oxidation and Fading. Fading is usually caused by Oxidation of the paint or surface.

  1. Visually the surface will look dull and often have a chalky or uneven look to it.

  2. You can take your finger or a colored rag, (dark colored rag for light colored surfaces, light colored rag for dark colored surfaces) and lightly rub across the surface. If a chalky substance comes off, then you know your surface has oxidized or faded.

Cleaning Oxidized Surfaces

Oxidized surfaces should never be cleaned using high pressure. This can cause striping, uneven cleaning, and damage to the surface. Our Soft Wash non pressure cleaning process is used to remove mold, mildew, algae, and other organic stains and as little of the oxidation as possible. As the surface dries after cleaning, and due to this pre-existing condition, oxidized or faded areas may reveal stains underneath weep holes of siding, irregular spotting of the surface and other surface irregularities. While the surface will be clean, we cannot guarantee the final outcome or be responsible for these inconsistencies. Surface Therapy is able to remove oxidation with our specialized cleaning process for an additional charge.


Thanks for your suggestions, time to spiffy up T & C.

On your website you have an example of graffiti cleaning, what product did you use to clean that wall?

Worlds best graffiti remover

For non Porous

Link 1

For porous

Link 2

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