Unusual Streaks after using surface cleaner

After using my surface cleaner I got this result. You can see the spots I missed but what’s going on with the streaking? I haven’t seen this before

Im assuming that was newer concrete?

Sorry, but there is no fixing that mess.

New concrete + High Pressure = Burnt Toast.


This is a perfect example as to how pressure doesn’t solve everything. This driveway was new and you took the cream off. It is possible to restore this (however it will take a lot more time now). When a driveway is new the best approach is to use sh to kill any organic growth then use a wide fan tip to wash it down.


Ditto @KMP and @Bear. Time to repair. I don’t SC anything 2 years old or newer, have had good success with that. On new stuff I just treat with strong SH mix and rinse well.

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The drive way is 4 years old. What can I do now to satisfy the customer?

What tips you using?

I don’t know what size orfice was on the surface cleaner but I imagine close to 40°

First issue

What GPM? Surface Cleaner?
As far as satisfying customer time to repaint the driveway

Ouch. You did the entire driveway before you noticed anything wrong? Was the runoff not milky or powdery?

That 40 degree shouldn’t done that, what size orifice?

Maybe try some concrete stain.

Are you sure your tips are parallel with the bar? Those marks almost look like they are perpendicular.

If you can’t convince them to coat it bust it up and pour them a new driveway.

Would applying some neutral colored concrete stain help?

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No two concrete pours are the same. Lesson bought, lesson learned.

I think it has more to do with improper equipment, he probably used very high pressure and just cut the concrete up… 4 years should have been enough time to cure


It definitely looks that way @Chesebro. It’s just odd that the lines look so thin and tight if he’s actually using a 40° tip. Unless he was literally running behind that sc

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Agree, although I’ve seen some fiber infused concrete in residential that I’m not sure I’d clean no matter what the age


How do you spot the fiber infused stuff? I don’t think I’ve ever seen it in my life but maybe I have and just never knew it

Can you post your surface cleaner?? What PSI & GPM are running?