Unpleasant smell?

Washed another house today and had the customer come out and say how strong the bleach smell was and turn there nose up no it… its just a basic 12% with elemonader. That’s 3 houses in a row that someone has said something. Anyone ever have that problem? What do you tell the customer? Any fragrant additive that can be added?

Just the opposite for me…They always say how clean it smells!

You might be mixing it too strong or they might be smelling it all over your clothes.

Lol. I was thinking it was me but who knows. Been running through a streak of snobby customers lately. The richer the worst they are it seams at times

I appreciate all the feedback guys! This is my first year washing houses so I’m a little on guard with getting the job done right. Lol. Mainly done decks and flatwork in the past but I’m tired of playing the weather game… rain rain go away. Now i can wash a house and not worry about pre soaking everything

Only been washing a year but never had anyone ask that. Most folks know bleach is used.

Are you using the 12.5% straight? Or diluting it before downstreaming?

3 gal of 12% and 2 gal of water 5 ounces of elemonader

That’a super strong mix. At 3 gal of 12.5 and 2 gal of water your SH is at 7.5% before injector dilution
Might try it the other way around. 3 gal of water to 2 of 12.5% Sh and then you have 5% before injector dilution.

We mix 20 gallons 12.5 to 40 gallons water and a glug glug of elemanator

That’s 4.1% SH before the injector reduction?

I have no idea. I’ve never worked out the math.

Yes i know my ratio is 7.5% but my injection is 15:1… put me at about .5% percent. I figured that was about right. What you think?

If it’s strong enough to kill bleach and not plants it’s perfect. Ratio and numbers are irrelevant.

20 gallons of 12.5% equals 2.81 gallons of pure SH in the entire mix. If the total amount is 60 gallons then 2.81 gl is 4.1 to 4.6% of SH in the total mix by my calculations. If you use the 20% injector then you have 0.83% on the surface.

To get that in a 5gl pail you would need 1.8 gl of 12.5% to 3.2 gl of water.

I get what your saying but I like to work out the formulas so that I use the same every time, same as you. I have two mixes that I use - a 5.25% for regular duty and a 6.25% for heavy mold etc… Since I mix in 5gal quantity I bring both along with me in case I need a hotter application but whatever works.

Ok. I just wash stuff that’s dirty. I can calculate drop and fall on a 30.06 at 100 to 400 yards though lol


Now that’s my kinda conversation!!

-0.0014 inches @ 100 yards
-30.1783 inches @ 400 yards

Hornady st at 165 grain in a Remington and I’m happy

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