Unloaders,,,, which to choose?

I have been looking for a k7 unloader for my machine.
but then again I have come across that they are no good, for over 100ft hoses,… then again on the search bar I found that is not true.

But I was suggested a giant one instead

been told that Giant flow actuated are better, for my machine.

I have no idea how to choose, never used them.
And would be nice not to have a kick when pulling the trigger.

The k7 is a proven unloader I regularly run 500 ft of hose with no issues at all . I usually get 5 or 6 years out of the with daily use.


I have K7 and works great on my 5.5 gpm, 2500psi. Won’t work on my 4 gpm 4,000psi. K7 is only good up to 3,500 psi. I had a giant on a 4 gpm, 3500 psi and worked exactly the same and never failed. Still have it on a 5 year old back up machine.

Thats what i read abkut the k7 up to 3.5k

Power Wash Store sold it to me with my machine and never told me it wouldn’t work. I called them to troubleshoot shoot it and they still didn’t know why it wouldn’t work. They insinuated it was my installation not the K7 and stopped calling me back . I no longer purchase from them.

Just bought my machine and again was told that flow unloaders are practically useless because they are so finicky. I just said whatever I’ll put one on later, my start cash was running low anyways so maybe down the road. I will miss being able to knock down wasp nests from gable end peaks tho. How do you guys get those down? Break out the big lance?

Thinking of getting a k7 for my 4@4k cause of hot water. Last time i used it i blew up 2 hoses.
My thought is that slower built up pressure might be better.

And get a giant for my 8@4k, althought it says 8@3.5k

My wrong, would need giant on both, gosh…

Nests, SH and 0040, if too high i get out the 6ft lance

What size machine?

Same. Around front doorways and garage doors I knock down the stems down with a scraper on a short unger pole.

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5.5@2500 electric start

0040 works perfect for 8.5 gpm . So I would try a 0030 . Should be about the same. I keep a 10 ft Lance on the truck for the really high or stubborn ones

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