Unloaders: Flow & Pressure. Shortish and Sweetish Video

@Jordie first test with YouTube live.


Great question @ 8:26ish about k7 and downstreaming.

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This is great because I was curious about K7s but I always DSing.


Some people have success. Some people can run a direct drive off of a tank. the other 99% don’t and can’t. I can’t get one to consistently down stream so I use green springs. Problem solved


I’ve been running k7s for over 10years from 5 gpm to 10 gpm machines . From 100 ft of hose to 350 feet of hose. I keep 250 on all reels . Never once have I had an issue with DS since I started using the gp high draw injector. If heard it said many times over the years but when i ask it’s never first hand knowledge. It’s always someone else said it to them.


Mine was first hand, but 15 years ago. Maybe they have changed. Pull the trigger slowly and there is no pressure build up/ release with pressure unloader

Same here 275 ft of hose . Been running a K7 for yrs. Put the right size bypass hose on and u will love it!!! I agree hands on is the best myth busted​:grin::grin:

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I think a lot has change over the years . It wasn’t that long ago guys were dragging 5 gallon buckets and a injector around the house with them.

And what size is that?

Also, @florida_condo_cleani I have been waiting to test the k7 until things slow down a bit. I can’t really take the chance that ds-ing gets wonky until maybe November and again in Feb/March, but I have no problem making a different video saying I goofed.

For now, the pressure unloaders never let me down and the kick is negligible really. But again, i’m not above saying I was wrong.

K7s use to surge in bypass and have trouble starting to flow when you pulled the trigger. But guys figured out long ago that they require Pressure in the bypass hose to make them work correctly. You can use a smaller orfice but it’s easier just to put 10ft of 3/8 hose as you bypass line back to the tank. Problem solved.


Bookmarked. Thanks.

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Use what you like man. Nothing wrong with either. It’s kinda a Ford vs Chevrolet thing

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I want to make sure I’m giving good info. I tried to say a few times that it was what I’d heard and I hadn’t used it yet.


It was never the surge that bothers me about Pressure trapped unloaders . It the stiff hose.

Could. Not. Resist…

This ones for you @doubleh and @Sharpe


Ole My LMBO :joy::joy:

I’ve never had a bit of problem ds with my k7. Most everyone I know runs them and I’ve never heard of anyone having a problem. I’ve never even heard the rumor that it doesn’t work. Where did you hear it’s a common problem?

Once you use one, you’ll never go back.


@Innocentbystander and @Maelstrom who sent me this one.

And the kick is like the difference between a 12 gauge and a 22!! No matter what gun u use on the K7 or how easy u squeeze the trigger…


LOL, After hearing all these guys talk about how great the Sutner 2315 or whatever was bought one a month or so ago to try. Absolutely no difference between it and any of my others with the flow unloader.