Unloader or pump problem? Help!

Hi! So most recently i noticed that seconds after i let go of my trigger on my machine, it will almost continuously go into bypass mode and will continue to fire every 8 - 10 seconds. It used to only do this once every few minutes when i first
Purchased it. Also water constantly shoots out from my gun whether the trigger is depressed or not. The Unloader will sometimes open and remain open for up to 30 secs even after i let go of the trigger, and very slowly revert back while making a loud rattling vibration. The thing is it does not always act the same. Some days it seems fine, not so much others.

, replace your leaking trigger gun should fix all


Ill give it a try! I just purchased the gun recently so that’s sad news.

Fixed! Thanks! Contacted the company and they said they’d send me a new gun. It’s a win win

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