Unloader Help

Been trying to research here. i have some pressure trapped unloaders set up. I am trying to minimize the kick back on them and i think someone told me to one way to help minimize the kick back is to change the unloader hose size from 3/8 to 1/2. is this something that actually works (the outlet on the vr is 3/8)? wanting to know the input from some pros here whether thats bs or are they onto something. any help appreciated.

It doesn’t help with the kick back. It’s supposed to be easier on the unloader but I don’t know that. My vendor thinks it does so he did it to all machines. Best thing to avoid kick back is to use a 2315 gun and just pull the trigger slowly.

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Switch to a k7

Don’t do that if you consistently plan on downstreaming

What’s the reason for this?

I like my K7 when I still use the machine lol. But I think a lot of people switched over to the Zk1 for various reasons. Easier to adjust, doesn’t care what size your bypass hose is, etc. I’m not sure why Mr. William doesn’t like K7 but he usually has a pretty good reason for things

They are temperamental and hard to get dialed in for the injector to work.

when was the last time you used one?

1999, or around there

I’ve been using the same flow unloader for 2 years and down stream everyday. They’ve must have made some improvement over years William. You should buy one and try it. Throw a mosmatic swivel on that order too. :slightly_smiling_face:

Nice to see you around. I didn’t like them back in the last century and my landa guy says they are still hard to use with injectors. Plus, I’m set in my ways

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I had a ZK1 delivered last week. These things have British threads. Warped threads must help seal in the pressure or you high rollers wouldn’t be using them. I guess I’ll slap on some Threadlocker & torque them to a few hundred pounds.