Unloader back to buffer tank

Hey guys, I’ve always bypassed my unloader but I’ve just let it flow out the bottom of my trailer because I always wash on gravel parking lots. Now I have an account that is all on concrete. Do ya’ll just use any old diameter hose,say 1/2 " or so to flow back to the buffer tank ,cuz there is not much pressure? Also do you install the back flow line in the top of the buffer tank, I’m assuming? Thank you

On the side of the buffer tank

Yup, I have a 3/8" for my return line, sits right on top the tank.

I learned the hard way that each end needs to be clamped as one end popped off the barb on my unloader. More force than expected is flowing through that hose.

Enter the top of the tank and run it to the bottom. 3/8. Clamp it or use shark bit nipple.

Thanks for the sound information fellas,much appreciated

Does this not cause any air bubbles? I purposely ran mine through the side of my IBC tote to ensure that it would hit the opposite side and cascade down into the water without causing any air bubbles.

I plan to upgrade to a leg tank ASAP so don’t judge me and my IBC tote.

I run mine down into the tank with a few feet coiled at the bottom. No bubbles. I would never run anything thru the side of a tank

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One is coiled and the other just on the side.
The coiled one at the bottom doesnt make noise

Ah gotcha. Why not thru the side? Mine is about 3" from the top of my 330.

I can’t wrap by head around putting a hole in the side of a tank


It’s a very small hole. Does that help?

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It’s probably fine. All of my opinions and advice are what works for me. Bear in mind they are all right, cause I wouldn’t do it if it was wrong. Humor, that was humor. But I am always right.


Mmm hmm.

I hope you and I never disagree, ‘cause I’m ALWAYS right too😇

I learned long ago that two people can be right about different things but both be wrong. As long as we both think we are right that’s all that matters. Even if your wrong and don’t realize it. Ponder that over your coffee

And speaking of coffee. This is from my fire Captain that passed away way to soon

If that link doesn’t work just search “porch coffee” on Facebook

I ran mine into the top with a bulkhead and screwed a 90 degree elbow into the inside the tank. It shoots the water into the side of the tank and runs down.


That’s works as well. I like to be able to pull the hose out when I set an unloader. Makes it easier to see.

Mine goes in the top with a “T” fitting that shoots it against the sides.

Always interesting to see how differently people do the same things.

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