Uniflex coating

I have been asked to bid a roof wash. The roof is metal with a uniflex coating which is an elastomeric. I have been told I can not use SH for this job. I was told by a Sherwin - Williams rep to use Simple Green House Wash Mix only. What say you? Any sound wisdom would be helpful.

Don’t wash it

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Simple Green…LOL


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Don’t do it.

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Of course he said simple green…it’s because it’s the only pressure wash detergent they carry and he knows nothing about PWing


I actually work for sherwin as my day job and what hes told you is the advice we’ve been given as well. I’m a neophyte at pw/sw so take anything I say with a grain of salt. The biggest concern so far as the reps I’ve talked to is fear of coating degradation. Coatings are tested to stand up to particular levels of acids and bases , without the data pages o cant give you the exact numbers but my bet is that they cant stand up to CONCENTRATED SH, but at the levels its diluted to it’s “Probably” just fine. Dont quote me on that as again I dont have the pages infront of me, the rep is just trying to cover his 4th point of contact and honestly I understand his concern. No one wants a callback on a early roof failure… moocho big bucks.

Just use warm water and a mild soap you will be fine. To be honest the simple green will probably work just fine. Is there a reason you are opposed to using it.