Unidentified stains

No idea what may have caused these stains. Leaves maybe? But they’re etched into the concrete. I can blast them out but also taking out concrete. Any ideas? TIA.

Leaves or acorns.

What is above the driveway? The leaf stains here are more of a brown color.

What have you already tried?

The stains are black but I suspect leaves.

Really nothing thus far only some soap I ran through machine. Any ideas what could clean this up? Bleach maybe?

Pump spray some bleach on them and walk away


@SGL1 I get the feeling that you have very little experience watch @Racer video on drive way cleaning his method works well.


Is this your driveway or is someone paying you for this? PWing is a lot more than just throwing high pressure at whatever is dirty. You’ll get yourself in to trouble quick doing that. Surface clean the area then post treat the area with 50/50 water and 10%-12.5% bleach/chlorine. Post treating means spraying it on and leaving it to dry. Likely using a pump sprayer in your case.

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If it’s an organic stain (algae, mildew, leaf stains, etc) you use bleach. If it’s oil or grease use a degreaser. If it’s rust use an acid. That’s just a few examples but you get the idea. Those three will be a majority of what you use. This isn’t just for your stain above but use it for future jobs as well. As @Max1 mentioned there’s more to it than just blasting high pressure water hoping to remove stains. Using the proper chems will not only save you time but everything will clean up better.


That’s exactly what I did. I was mostly trying to identify the stain so I’d know how to attack it. Thanks!

Leave stains require strong bleach. I remember turbo nozzle get a leaf stain before I knew what it was and wouldn’t budge.

I sprayed 50/50 bleach and it was gone instantly

Oxalic acid also does very well on leaf stains

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How did you apply it? I’m confused because you said you only tried running soap through your machine. You also didn’t answer the question I asked…

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I used detergent first then once I figured out it was leaf/acorn stains used a bleach solution sprayed on.

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You need to wash and rinse it first. Then 3-4% mix applied directly somehow.

Yes, that was done. Ty.

We don’t tolerate much foolishness like that here. You’re the one wanting advice. Take it or don’t but mind your manners.

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It looks like two parallel stripes like something getting spewed off the tires of a dump truck full of asphalt.

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Not in the pic shown. If so, you may want to start by doing again, still a lot of just general dirt on there… What kind of tree or bushes nearby? Some of those look like berry stains. You should be able to tell by looking at if organic. What soap did you use and at what ratio?

And why I deleted it. I know what I said didn’t need to be reminded of it. If I’m treated respectfully it’ll be returned in kind.