Undivided attention folks. Need a little info/wisdom

Mi-T-M 28" surface cleaner. Squirting water out of prep hole and losing pressure. Can this be rebuilt with a seal kit or does the swivel need replacing? My local dealer is trying to rip me a new one on a new swivel and says it can’t be fixed and that the cost is $369.00. I’ve never broken it down, but plan to do so tomorrow to see for myself. Any help would be greatly appreciated !

**Update, broke swivel down and it looks as if an oring is missing. So either the oring busted and is not in bar or it never had one in it.

I have a mosmatic 21" and it was spraying water out of the weep hole above the swivel. Several people (including a well-known vendor) told me i needed a new swivel ($200), but someone on a forum told me the swivel could be rebuilt. I ordered a swivel rebuild kit for around $70, and it fixed it. I dont remember what it was… i think the bearing seal was bad and the balls were all loose or something… anyway, the kit came with all the orings and stuff, so it all got changed out.

Dont know if this is possible with your unit, but that’s my experience with it. Contact three or four of the top vendors and ask them, they should know.

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Plan on calling im the morning. Thanks for the info

Also try contacting the manufacturer. Mosmatic even had a video online of how to rebuild their swivel.

I figured out how to rebuild it, Just finding the parts at a reasonable price is the issue now. Mi-T-M doesn’t sell direct to customer’s. I have to go through distributors and they are greedy folk’s and also want to charge me 14.97 to ship seals that weigh less than 1/2 lb.