Understanding Nozzles

I apologize in advance for beating a dead horse, I’ve scoured the forums and have found conflicting information about this topic and hoped for some clarification in nozzle usage on both surface cleaners and as wand tips.

For reference, I will be using an 8 GPM setup rated for 3500 PSI. I have been using this nozzle chart as a reference.

Surface Cleaner Tips
As an example, if I want to have my 4-bar surface cleaner pushing 2000 PSI I should be using 2503.5 tips?

2000 PSI at 7.78 GPM (as per the chart) requires between an orifice of 11-12 in sizing. Divided by 4 nozzles across the bar this would work best with a 2503/2503.5 tip? Am I calculating this right or am I lost?

Wand Tips
As per the chart to push 3500 PSI I would need a nozzle set size of 8.5? To use lower pressure would I be better off buying separate nozzle sets?

Thank you sincerely,
A newbie who has been blessed with a ton from these forums so far but is now confused.

I run 4x25025 on a 4 nozzle with an 8gpm. 2300psi after 200ft of hose.

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Good to know, I’ve been following your guide a lot but it didn’t quite make mention of how to get to the PSI you recommend for concrete, etc.

Am I calculating it right if you know? Just want to make sure I’m on the right path.


My recommendation is 2500PSI with the tips I mentioned.

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@TexasPressureWashing is right. This is a link I’ve shared a dozen times here, it’s the easiest online calculator. Divide your gpm by the number of nozzles and put the numbers in. Way easier than using a chart



That’s awesome, definitely simplifies it. Looks like my calculations were correct in that case then.

Really something to wrap your mind around at first.

Does the same concept work with wand tips though? Should I be using a set with larger tips to decrease pressure through the gun?


Yes, it works for your wand as well. And yes, switch your tips on the wand to decrease pressure. I stay below 150psi for siding (usually closer to half that) but you’ll need a lot more for brick.

You’ll end up with a box full of tips