Unblocking turbo nozzle

So I pulled the 4gpm out of retirement to go for a ride on a barge out to a remote island where I’m doing job in a couple of weeks and I have discovered that my matching turbo noz is blocked.
Has anyone got a tip for unblocking?
I’m using a fine gauge wire along with other things with no luck…

Its currently in a vinegar bath soaking-

Problem solved vinegar bath did the trick.


Have you tried sticking a garden hose hard against the business end to blow it backwards?

I don’t know if it will work and maybe it’s a type of blockage but maybe the product CLR they use for shower heads

Use a filter

Throw it in the trash, pop in a new one, keep working

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Vinegar soak seemed to help, it was an old nozzle for my 4gpm I left laying around . Mud wasps are everywhere . Thanks for replies

The word is that the Suttner brand turbo nozzle will last for ever with filter installed. How true is this? There are a ton of fakes out there that work really good could almost be thrown away when the start giving trouble. Does anyone see a big difference in the Suttner brand nozzles?

Suttner is nice. I haven’t got more than a few months out of any brand I have ever tried. Never pull the trigger unless it is pointing down, don’t try to rebuild them (that is a waste of time for the return on loss time).

I guess this is as good a time as any to ask this since this thread is revived.

Should I buy a turbo?

What are the primary uses?

Is it employee friendly? (Or like a red tip)

It has it’s uses but messy as heck and I generally have to wear a face shield when using on brick. It’ll spit bits of mortar and crap right at your face.

It actually is a ‘red tip’, just vibrates very fast. It can tear things up in a second, never ever use on soft surfaces like wood or painted areas.

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It’s a must if you’re doing mossy pavers. I actually have a twin-turbo lance that I use sometimes on some really heavily mossy bricks. I would be careful with it on any other kind of surface type.

@dcbrock is right when he says it is messy as heck when doing dirtier jobs like moss or brick… But besides that, i like it because it cleans the area you use it on from multiple angles, providing a better clean. You also don’t have to worry about those very noticeable straight lines you get by moving the wand back and forth because the turbo nozzle has a spinning action to it so it blends better.

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I use to use suttner, Not any more…

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That’s the same brand I use. I have the red but I think it’s just rated for more psi. The blue is rated at more than we’ll ever need though. They’re definitely solid. I haven’t had any trouble with mine yet.

Does yours just seem meaner and more aggressive than the suttner? Mine does…

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I’ve never used the Suttner so can’t say. It’s definitely a cleaning beast though.

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